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On March 22, Vice President of TARUMT Malaysia, Ms. Xie Sujuan, and her delegation of 8 members visited YWICC for discussions and exchanges to explore potential cooperation between the two colleges. Fan Yao, vice president, met with the guests, while the head of the International Office presided over the meeting. Representatives from the International Office, School of Humanities & Tourism, School of Mechatronics & IT, School of Economics & Management, School of Civil Engineering & Architecture, and School of Entrepreneurship participated in the discussions.

Fan Yao extended a warm welcome to Vice President Xie Sujuan and her delegation from TARUMT, and introduced the history, characteristics, and international exchanges and cooperation of YWICC. As a college rooted in the market, YWICC has carved out and shaped its own unique way of education with three major highlights: Entrepreneurship Education, Innovation Education, and International Education, in response to practical needs and market demands. Fan Yao expressed our commitment to an open and inclusive approach, and readiness to collaborate closely with TARUMT to promote deepened cooperation between two colleges.

Ms. Xie Sujuan expressed gratitude for the warm reception and highly praised our college's Entrepreneurship Education and International Education. She introduced the educational history, faculty team, program offerings, and distinctive strengths of TARUMT. Representatives from TARUMT engaged in discussions with the representatives from our International Office and relevant faculties, exploring the details of cooperative projects and outlining plans for their advancement. Preliminary consensus was reached on a range of aspects including academic enhancement, overseas training and exchanges for faculty members, establishment of the Silk Road Institute (Malaysia), educational and cultural exchanges for faculty and students, and the development of overseas training bases.

Following the meeting, both parties signed a memorandum of cooperation.

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