YWICC’s two Chinese-foreign cooperative educational programs in International Business and Product Art Design serve as the ubleengines“ for training internationally competitive talents. YWICC is one of the only two vocational colleges in Zhejiang province whose summaries of joint programs were successfully selected as cases for the “CEAIE 2022 report”on a survey of Sino-foreign joint programs in higher vocational education in China, with YWIC’s case being about the course and teaching resources construction of the joint program in International Business.

In December 2016, YWICC’s joint program in International Business to be run in cooperation with Northtec in New Zealand was approved by the Ministry of Education. Since the joint program welcomed its first cohort of students in 2017, five consecutive cohorts have been recruited, with the scale of admissions increasing year by year.

By harnessing the high-quality teaching resources introduced from Northtec and giving full play to the internationalized team of teachers for the joint program, YWICC aims to train the program students to become versatile “English+ business”-based workforce mambers with international vision, which has already resulted in remarkable social benefits

YWICC’s another joint program is in Product Art Design, run in collaboration with LABA in Italy, which is intended to train students into qualified designers with international vision and help them realize the 4-stage upgrading transformation from design works to products, products to commodities, and commodities to famousbrands.

The joint program, which passed the review of the expert panel of Department of Education of Zhejiang province and was officially registered in the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China in the first half of 2021, embraced its first cohort of 80 freshmen in 2022.