Publicly funded, Yiwu Industrial & Commercial College is a higher vocational educational instititution with distinctive characteristics, located in Yiwu,“World's Capital of Small Commodities.” Growing out of Hangzhou University-Yiwu founded in 1993 and covering an area of over 160 acres and a building floorage of 313,900 square meters, YWICC has a beautiful garden-like campus with its picturesque natural scenery and unique architectures. It provides schooling in a wide range of subjects in 9 of its schools, with the number of 3-year academic programs reaching 33. The college boasts a total of 655 faculty and staff members on the payroll and an enrollment of on-campus students of around 13,000 at present.

Adhering to the motto of “Virtue, Wisdom, Diligence, Independence”, and gearing its educational practice towards the market demand, YWICC has carved out and shaped its own unique way of education with three major highlights: Entrepreneurship Education, Innovation Education, and International Education. Since its inception, the college has won numerous provincial and national honors and titles representing its accomplisments, such as Zhejiang Provincial High-level Vocational College, Zhejiang Provincial High-quality Vocational College, the 1st batch of Zhejiang Provincicial Entrepreneurial Pilot Colleges and Universities, National Exemplary College with Typical Experience in Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education, Practice-approach Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Base for Colleges and Universities in China, National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Practice Base, etc. It has also been accredited on the list of China’s Top 60 Vocational Colleges with Commendable Contribution in Social Service, China’s Top 100 Vocational Colleges Outstanding in Teacher Development Index, and China’s Top 100 Vocational Colleges Outstanding in Student Development Index.

By adhering to the orientation of being “Rooted in Yiwu, Geared toward the Region and Known around the Globe” and closely relying on the advantages of both Yiwu's international market and its own characteristic education over the past 30 years, YWICC has always attached great importance to exchanges and cooperation in education with overseas institutions and organizations and also those in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. It has made every effort to promote internationalization in six aspects: outlooks, teachers, courses, research, students, advantages, striving to creat its “golden brands” in internationalization with its own hallmark.