Short-term Study Tour at YWICC

What's unique about Yiwu 

Yiwu is a prime example of China’s spectacular economic rise. The city tells a rags-to-riches story. The city is home to the world’s largest small commodities market. Praised by Chinese President Xi Jinping as the World’s Capital of Small Commodities, Yiwu is the hub of global sales. Multiple platforms for exhibition and sales of imported goods have been set up, selling 150,000 kinds of products from over 100 countries and regions. Yiwu provides access to sound sales channels and efficient logistics networks, covering 321 domestic cities and over 200 countries. The express deliver volume tops the rank nationwide. With cross-border and live-streaming e-commerce booming, there is greater potential for Yiwu-ASEAN cooperation. Yiwu attracts over 550,000 foreign buyers every year. 15,000 of them settled down in Yiwu. A hub of mass innovation and entrepreneurship, the city is an ideal place for start-ups with abundant business opportunities.

Lectures & Activities

Lectures offered by professionals with expertise in cross-border e-commerce, international trade, online streaming, market procurement and trade practice and etc.

Social Practice and Internship

Internship opportunities in enterprises from different sectors, such as trade, e-commerce, logistics and manufacturing, feel the miracle of entrepreneurship starting from scratch, appreciating the unique charm of Zhejiang Made  Brand products and experience the super efficiency of logistics service of Yiwu.

Field Trips

Explore International Trade Mart- world’s largest wholesale market,E-commerce Village, International Trade Service Center--one-stop service platform for foreigners, Selected Goods Live-streaming Industrial Park, E-commerce Town and Imported Commodities Trade Plaza.

Brainstorm Session

Share ideas with the most inspiring local entrepreneurs and business stars. Brainstorm with all trainees and harness intercultural communication skills.