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    On the morning of February 28th, international students from Armenia, Peru, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, and other countries visited Yiwu Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, engaging in a study and learning activity about traditional Chinese medicine. They immersed themselves in the charm of Zhu Danxis traditional Chinese medicine culture, promoting the international spread of  traditional Chinese medicine culture.

     Yiwu Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital customized various culture experience activities for the international students. Everyone successively visited the herbal pharmacy, Zhu Danxi Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture Exhibition Hall, and other characteristic areas. Through recognizing herbal medicines, experiencing traditional Chinese medicine therapies, practicing the health-care exercises of Ba Duan Jin,and listening to the life stories of Zhu Danxi, they had a close-up perception of traditional Chinese medicine culture and learned about certain knowledge. Everyones expression was filled with surprise and excitement, marveling at the uniqueness of traditional Chinese medicine techniques.

    This event is one of the Chinese traditional culture experience projects hosted by Experience China Master Jack Halls studio. By visiting the protection unit of Zhu Danxi traditional Chinese medicine culture, a national intangible cultural heritage, international students not only understood the profound philosophical knowledge contained in traditional Chinese medicine culture but also felt the charm of traditional Chinese medicine.

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