International Education

Since the college admitted the first cohort of international students in 2007, the scale of international students has been expanding steadily, with over 11000 international students from more than 100 countries on different continents having attended YWICC, taking the lead among vocational colleges in China.

From the aspects of curriculum construction, ideological education, integration of competition and education, unity of knowledge and action, the college has dedicated to forming the characteristics of international education program and curriculum construction, namely, "international outlook, Chinese essence and Yiwu characteristics".

It has established multiple platforms to assist international students in learning about China's past and pres- ent. Experience China Master Jack Hall's Studio is on the list of Zhejiang’s named organizations recognized for education about China for international students in Zhejiang, which aims to turn international students into witnesses of China’s development, tellers of stories about China, transmitters of China's voice, inheritors of Chinese culture, learners and appreciators of Chinese civilization as well as practicers of Chinese philosophy.

The unique international education has formed a unique “harmony education” cultural brand and turned many international students into influential “cultural ambassadors”. In recent years, the average rate of inter- national students who work in Yiwu after graduation remains about 80%, which greatly helps promote

and cultural exchanges between Yiwu and different countries. Several graduates became the leaders of the country's expatriates in Yiwu, such as Diallo Mamadou Saliou from Guinea, who is now president of the Chamber of Commerce in Yiwu, and Fortino Mari-nella Francesca, an Italian graduate, who spoke on behalf of young foreign businessmen at the World Yiwu Congress in 2019. Omuralieva Meerzat from Kyrgyzstan participated in the Asian Youth Leadership Forum 2023 as an international youth representative of excellence.

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