President Ma Guang led a team to visit Zhejiang Sifang Group Co., Ltd

    On March 4, President Ma Guang visited Zhejiang Sifang Group Co., Ltd,accompanied by Vice president He Shaoqing and persons in charge of International Cooperation & Exchange, University-enterprise Cooperation, Mechatronics & IT, Foreign Studies and E-commerce. Li Hongyang, Director and Chief Engineer of Zhejiang Sifang Group Co., Ltd,and Xu Dongxu, General Manager of Zhejiang Sifang IMP & EXP Co., Ltd., warmly received the team.

In the meeting   

    The meeting was chaired by Li Hongyang who delivered the welcome speech on behalf of Sifang Group. President Ma Guang indicated that built upon the rich overseas market of Sifang Group, YWICC can team up with Sifang Group to go abroad and cultivate talents through an approach of going “global”, and contribute Chinese wisdom to the Belt and Road. Xu Dongxu suggested both YWICC and Sifang Group should discuss how to go abroad to cultivate talents, assisted by Sifang Group. He Shaoqing held that YWICC could enrich forms of cooperation to go “global”with Sifang Group, for example , expand characteristic or specialized training to help maintain and promote Sifang’s products and invite the foreign students to sell products from Sifang and improve the effectiveness of University-Enterprise Cooperation.After the meeting, the team visited the workshops of the enterprise with the guide of Li Hongyang.

The team visited the workshops

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April 8, 2022