Yiwu Silk Road Institute (Malaysia) founded

On January 28, 2021, the unveiling ceremony was held online for Yiwu Silk Road Institute (Malaysia), to be jointly run by Yiwu Industrial & Commercial College (YWICC) situated in Yiwu, China, and Industrial Training and Serivice Co Ltd (ITS) located in Malacca, Malaysia. The event was witnessed by over 100 leaders and guests from both countries, including government officials, entrepreneurs, scholars, as well as representatives from YWICC and ITS. The ceremony, which included addressing, signing and unveiling, all online, was followed by the first online lecture for Yiwu Silk Road Institute (Malaysia), with the caption “Pattern and Trend: E-commerce in the Era of Internet +”, delivered by Prof Jia Shaohua from YWICC, widely praised as “Father of Entrepreneurial Education”in China.

Mr Ma Guang, President of YWICC, addresses the ceremony of Yiwu Silk Road Institute (Malaysia)

The Yiwu Silk Road Institute (Malaysia) Construction Agreement is signed and exchenged online by Mr He Shaoqing on behalf of YWICC and Mr Chong Hoi San on behalf of ITS.

The unveiling ceremony of Yiwu Silk Road Institute (Malaysia)

The online lecture of Yiwu Silk Road Institute (Malaysia)

The construction of Yiwu Silk Road Institute (Malaysia) is an important move of YWICC in its drive to serve the Belt and Road Construction by making its own contribution to making  China’s vocational education better known and recognized overseas. By fully integrating and utilizing all available resources from higher educational institutions and enterprises, YWICC and ITS, the two cooperative parties of the Silk Road Institute, will work together in construction of such educational bases as those for training of entrepreneurial talents and incubation of startup projects, and those for internship and practice intended for students from Belt and Road countries and regions, in the hope of helping further promote the euducational, cultural and economic exchanges and further enhance the people-to-people ties between Yiwu and Malacca under RECP.

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February 1, 2021