Characteristics of YWICC

Characteristics of YWICC - Entrepreneurship Education

Our achievements:

l 95% of the students can support themselves through part-time work

l 1800 students have started their own business

l More than 10% graduates start their own businesses before graduation

l “World Best Cradle for E-businessman”

l “Pilot Entrepreneurial University/College of Zhejiang”

To strengthen and encourage business starting, the College has established the Business Starting School in Oct. 2008 and forms a strong radiating function in the following aspects:

1. Leading and fostering entrepreneurship education:

Students from the School help shaping the e-business industry around the campus and thus push forward the development of the e-business industry in Yiwu as well as in China.

2. Entrepreneurship training:

The School offers different business starting training programs for government sections, businesses and people outside the campus.

3. Experience sharing:

The School actively exchanges and share business starting experience with peers in and outside the campus.

Characteristics of YWICC - Innovative Culture

The College has promoting its innovative culture by:

l Fostering innovative talents

l Boosting the upgrading of Yiwu’s commodities from “Made in China” to “Design in China”

This mission is realized by different innovative courses and Yiwu Innovation Park inside the campus. Yiwu Innovation Park is an innovative public service platform offering internship workshops for design students and talents and offer innovative design for manufacturers around. President Wan Ming of YWICC is the Director of Yiwu Innovation Park.

Yiwu Innovation Park - A Powerful Innovation Engine functions as

l An intellectual property platform:

To cooperate with governments at all levels, settled companies of Innovation Park and the public to protect and transfer intellectual property.

l A talents training platform:

Relying on the faculty and students in design majors and other resources around the world to foster and train talents of creative design. More than 65 design institutions and 135 higher institution design departments at home and abroad have created their studios, design workshops in the Park.

l An exhibition trade platform:

A window for innovative industries to display, communicate, share and trade innovation designs.

Design talents and majors are welcome to join Yiwu Innovation Park for designing workshop and internship programs.

Characteristics of YWICC - International Education

The International Education School and International Office work collaboratively with all College schools and units to promote and enhance international education programs in the aim of increasing global competence and cross-cultural understanding for the College community and beyond.

Powerful International Students Education

l More than1000 international students study at YWICC every year

l From more than 60 countries

l TOP 10 in numbers of international students in higher institutions in Zhejiang

We offer flexible study periods based on semesters for all the international students.

Vigorous International Exchanges

The College has been working on academic exchange and cooperation with over 100 universities and institutions from around the world.

Ever-growing International Cooperation:

We are ready to cooperate with higher institutions at home and abroad, aiming to diversify culture understanding and promote global education.


Posted on

June 30, 2020